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Payment & Insurance

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payment_insurancePractice Type
Our practice is a fee for service private practice. Fees are due before or at the time of treatment.

PRSI, Medical Card
We do not operate under the PRSI or medical care schemes.

Dental Insurance
Some patients are covered in part or in full by a dental insurance scheme. We will help a patient, in what ever way possible, to apply for reimbursement under these schemes.

Tax rebate-Med 2 Scheme
Most of the dental treatments we provide are eligible for a tax credit under the Med 2 scheme. Currently, this allows a tax refund at the standard tax rate. A Med 2 form is provided at the end of treatment, at the end of the tax year or upon the request of the patient. This form is processed by your accountant or pay-role department. Once a course of treatment is agreed we are happy to outline which treatments are eligible for income tax relief.

Quotation & Fees
All patients are seen for an initial consultation to determine their treatment needs. Fees for different treatments are discussed as part of the consultation visit. You will be given a full estimate and treatment plan after examination and will be advised of any proposed changes during a course of treatment. Our Fee for an initial examination ranges from  €80 -150. If you decide to go ahead with treatment, the cost of examination will be deducted from your treatment fee. For more complex treatment plans, once a course of treatment is agreed between the dentist and patient, a quotation is provided. No patient starts treatment without full knowledge of treatment fees.

As a guide, the costs of some common private treatments are given below. Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff or your dentist.

Treatment Fees 2018

Treatment Fee - Euro
Examination/Consultation & Report - Redeemable against treatment costs






Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment

€150 - 1275

Supportive Periodontal Therapy

€100 - 200

Open Flap Debridement/Gingivectomy

€350 - 950

Guided Bone Regeneration

€600 - 1600

Gingival Soft Tissue Grafting

€500 - 1600

Crown Lengthening - aesthetic/functional

€550 - 1300

Canine Exposure (inc. exam)

€250 - 450

Frenectomy (inc. exam)

€250 - 350

Ridge Augmentation (inc. materials)

€350 - 1450

Sinus Augmentation

€450 - 1800


€1200 - 1500



























*The cost of the crown of the implant is additional to the costs of the implant surgery.

**There are a number of variations on Health Insurance Contributions. Prior approval is often sought in the case of certain procedures. Please enquire at reception for more information.

Insurance Information
Dr. Jason Owens is a registered provider with VHI, Quinn Healthcare, and Aviva medical insurance providers.

It is important to note that most medical insurers do not cover non-surgical periodontal therapy (Scaling and Root Planing). There may be partial coverage for surgical procedures, if this treatment is required for treatment of your individual needs. Dr. Owens and his staff will help you with medical and dental insurance issues on your visit.

Various types of dental insurance exist, outside of the more common medical insurance providers. Each company tends to differ in their coverage, but we will endeavour to help you with your insurance questions.

Med 2 - Tax back for periodontal and implant therapy
Most forms of periodontal and implant therapy are eligible for tax relief using a Revenue Med2 form.

Upon completion of your treatment, we will provide you with a completed Med2 form, that can be submitted to your local Tax office to claim approximately 20% of the value back (provided that you pay Income Tax within the Republic of Ireland).

Initial Assessment Visit Payments
The consultation fee at the initial appointment is due in full at the time of service.

Treatment Costs
If you require periodontal or implant therapy, each individual treatment visit is paid for at the time of service. There is no need to pay in advance for your treatment. Occasionally, for larger implant treatment plans, a more individualised fee schedule can be arranged.

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