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Supportive Periodontal Maintenance

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Periodontal maintenance also know as supportive periodontal therapy is the easiest to perform, but often most difficult to follow, phase of treatment.

Periodontal maintenance consists of periodic removal of bacterial plaque and calculus from both above and beneath the gum line in patients who have undergone treatment for periodontal disease (periodontitis)

Numerous studies have shown that when patients comply with suggested maintenance schedules, the vast majority keep their teeth over long periods of time. Unfortunately, other studies have shown that patients who fail to comply with these recommended intervals often require extensive re-treatment.

Periodontal disease should be considered in the same category as high blood pressure or diabetes: although they cannot be cured, they can be controlled. The way periodontal disease is controlled is by thorough, daily home care above the gum line combined with professional cleanings below the gum line at regular intervals.

The time interval between maintenance appointments has been widely studied: for patients with no history of periodontal disease, cleanings twice a year will usually maintain the gum tissue at a healthy level. However, for patients with a previous history of gum disease numerous clinical trials have shown that every six months will not maintain an acceptable level of periodontal health. Intervals as short as every two weeks have been suggested by a few researchers, however, the majority of studies have shown that every two or three months is adequate for most periodontal patients. As the time interval between maintenance appointments increases, so does the percentage of patients that require re-treatment or tooth extraction.

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